Does My Small Business Need A Blog?

blog post blogging Jan 31, 2021

Blogging is one of those marketing activities that most small business owners have heard of, but many are still unsure whether it’s something they ought to be doing or not.

If you’ve not started blogging yet, it may be because you’ve got some unanswered questions around what it actually involves.  

In fact, most small business owners ask, “Do I have to blog?” rather than “Should I blog?” because they’re already so busy, and don’t want to add another marketing task to their to-do list unnecessarily!

Flexible Commitment
The great thing about blogging is that you’re in control of how often you post.  Whilst it’s good to blog regularly, it’s your choice as to whether you put out a blog post weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or less frequently.  That’s great news, as it means that if you fancy giving blogging a try, it doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment - and it really can produce some...

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