Could a webinar help you promote your small business?  

webinar Feb 07, 2021

Have you thought about using a webinar to promote your business? If not, it could be worth investigating…

Webinars have been popular for many years, but they increased in use in 2020 when the pandemic hit and everything had to move online. Those businesses that were already using webinars continued to do so, and many other businesses discovered the benefits for the first time….

Cost Effective Marketing for Small Businesses
In fact, advances in technology and affordable access to webinar software like Zoom have helped to make webinars a cost-effective marketing option for small business owners to utilise.

There are many advantages to running webinars, such as raising a business or businessperson’s profile and showcasing knowledge. They are also very flexible in how they can be used - for training, information sharing, lead generation and/or selling.

Webinars are great for distributing business messages both locally and globally – you just have to consider...

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