Why you need to be really clear on your target client or ideal customer!

target market Jul 24, 2021

If you know me well, you’ll know that I’m always talking about the importance of understanding your target audience!

If you're a virtual assistant, solo entrepreneur or freelancer, I always say that you should know your ideal client as well as you know your best friend!
Yes, really! 

If you want a successful business, then taking time to understand your target audience is so important!

Yet it's one of those tasks that is often skipped because small business owners are excited to get to the exciting stuff! 

I do understand. It’s much more fun designing a flyer in Canva than it is racking your brain about your target customer.  But if you don’t understand your target customer, creating that flyer in Canva could be a waste of time because your marketing message might not work well enough. How can you make it appeal to someone if you don’t know who that ‘someone’ is?  

Unless you understand your target audience you...

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