I am Colette,
the Small Business

I help Virtual Assistants (VA's)
and Solo Entrepreneurs 
get marketing

Hi, I'm Colette. Thanks for stopping by....

I love helping Virtual Assistants (VA's) and Solo Entrepreneurs, just like you, grow your business.

Just click the buttons below to view the range of free and paid-for solutions to help you: 

  • Get really clear on where you want your business to be and start working towards it. 
  • Understand what marketing activities you need to put in place to achieve that    
  • Get clear on the type of customers you really want for your business   
  • Understand what marketing techniques will work best to attract your dream clients! 
  • Get your business out there! Stop being a best kept secret!
  • Stand out from the competition!
  • Create engagement, build relationships and show your prospects how you can help them.
  • Build an effective sales funnel, to create a pipeline of prospects to turn into a crowd of customers.
  • Understand how marketing can help you increase revenue from your existing clients, as well as attract new customers.
  • Get marketing momentum!

Find out how I can help VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS (VA'S) increase business

Find out how I can help SOLO ENTREPRENEURS increase business

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