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Why struggle with marketing your business when there's an affordable tool
that can help you get organised!

If you struggle with getting organised with your marketing, social media or business growth then check out the:




2024 and undated versions now available! 


It's like having your own marketing mentor in a book! 

✔ Work through the book to create your marketing plans.

✔ Use the book to get organised and put your plans into action. 

✔ Log your content for blogs, social media, enewsletters, web updates, podcasts, PR, advertising  etc. 

✔ Tick off your social media and marketing actions once you've done them. 

✔ Keep everything together in one handy place, including your keywords and hashtags, plus somewhere to log your goals, habits, gratitude, revenue plans, number of followers etc. 

✔ Access the FREE ONLINE TRAINING RESOURCES to give you more help with marketing your business. 





Designed by a busy entrepreneur, for other busy entrepreneurs this planner can help you move from OVERWHELMED TO ORGANISED when it comes to planning out your marketing activity! 


Choose from the new 2024 version to start using in January, or the UNDATED that you can start using anytime of the year to help you:


✔ Understand Your WHY

✔ Plan your DREAM

✔ Review your JOURNEY

✔ Write your GOALS

✔ Break your goals into monthly, weekly and daily ACTIONS

✔ Understand your IDEAL CUSTOMER

✔ Put the RIGHT MARKETING MESSAGES in the right places

✔ Tell the right STORY about your business

✔ Use the most appropriate KEYWORDS & HASHTAGS


✔ TRACK what impact your marketing is having, on the number of prospects and followers you're attracting, but also on your bottom line. 

✔ Plus, have a central place to note down all your business appointments, social media content, habits, gratitude and priority actions to help you decide what needs to be done, delayed or delegated

📅 This planner has each week spread over two pages, so there's plenty of room to plan out your appointments and marketing plans, including your lead generation and follow-up activities. 


Order your copy today using the links below:

2024 VERSION: or click the pink buttons below. 

UNDATED VERSION: or click the pink buttons below. 


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Watch the video below for a sneak peak inside! This could be just the game-changer you need! 

Order your copy today!

If you're not sure how this can help your business, scroll down to see some of the amazing reviews the planner has already received - or click the pink button below to find out more about each of the planner options on the Amazon website. 

These planners are available worldwide, so if you're not in the UK just search on the title in your home Amazon to find them. Any problems, just drop me an email!

Order 2024 version

Order your UNDATED copy today!

Order UNDATED version

Order your 2024 copy today!

Order your 2024 copy!

Order your UNDATED copy today!

Order the UNDATED version

More useful tools to help you grow your business.

If you like the planner, you'll also enjoy the accompanying TO-DO log and Notebook. Find out more below. 

Stay on top of your actions with this handy TO-DO log. 

Use this To-DO log to write down what you need to do each day, prioritise your tasks and have fun ticking them off once they've been completed. 

This book is full of 52 weeks of daily to-do lists, plus a handy notes section at the back. 

Another great accompaniment to the planner to help you make running your business easier by keeping on top of all your to-dos. 

Here's the Amazon link:

Never be without a notebook! 

This lined notebook is handy for keeping track of all your thoughts and ideas.

Whether you use it to journal, brainstorm ideas or in meetings, you'll love this A5 lined notebook which matches the planner. 

Find it on Amazon at


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