"Without a doubt the best thing I have done
in 2022 for my business so far. I cannot
recommend Colette's academy enough!"

Making it easier to grow your business!  

Whether you're an established business or just starting out, you need to promote your business to get more customers. 

But if marketing isn't your strong point, then you might not know where to start! 

Whether you're baffled by social media, confused about your marketing plan or just lacking in confidence to put your business out there, then you're in the right place! 

The Marketing Momentum Training Academy is a safe space for entrepreneurs to gain social media and marketing knowledge in order to grow your business.

It's full of trainings and information that, if you purchased all the knowledge separately, would be worth thousands of pounds! But as a special membership bundle, you've got access to all the knowledge, trainings, experts and help you need to help you grow your business, for just a small monthly fee. Why? Well, because I'm on a mission to try to help small business owners succeed! 

But actually, although the training in the academy is fantastic, it's not just about training. It's about helping you do it...

With the academy, you're not on your own. As well as the founder, Colette Bratton, there's also a lovely community of entrepreneurs, just like you, working to grow their businesses. And together, we achieve more - whether it's sharing ideas at trainings, co-working sessions or in the online community group. 

Colette's here to hand-hold you through your marketing journey, sharing her 30+ years marketing experience to help you apply her knowledge and expertise to your business - to speed up your success!  She's here to answer your questions and guide you through the marketing roadmap, to keep your business moving in the right direction!


Marketing doesn't have to be difficult! 

 Sign up today to take advantage of affordable marketing training and social media training, within a friendly and supportive online community. 


A safe place for entrepreneurs like you to:

* Gain marketing knowledge

* Put it in action to grow your business

* Ask questions

* Stay accountable help you achieve the business success you dream of. 


Here’s what’s waiting for you inside the Marketing Training Academy


  • Ever-growing knowledge bank of marketing resources (100+ training videos).
  • Useful how-to-guides, templates and checklists.
  • Welcome trainings to help you get started.
  • Success roadmap to help you prioritise your activities. 
  • Marketing challenges to help you learn whilst doing.
  • Monthly Q&A sessions and member networking.
  • Content planning ideas each month.
  • Guest expert slots with some amazing speakers!
  • Member hot-seat opportunities to promote your business.
  • Members Only Facebook community giving you a friendly place to share ideas.
  • Mobile App so you can keep learning wherever and whenever.
  • Online member support, mentoring and coaching. Just get in touch for help.
  •  Co-Working Sessions twice weekly, to help you put your learning into practice.


So, what kind of trainings are included: 

There are more than 100 different training videos and templates in the membership, on all the important marketing subjects that entrepreneurs need to have knowledge of.  They're all broken down into bite-size chunks for you to absorb easily whenever or wherever, either from your PC or via the handy mobile app. 

Plus, there is additional useful content including marketing webinars and guest speaker slots. 

And every month new tools, templates and training are added to the academy portal, so it really is packed full of valuable resources! 

You'll find some examples below: 


* Blogging
* Facebook
* Instagram
* Google My Business
* Marketing Planning
* Get Website Working Harder
* Social Media Scheduling
* Pinterest
* Using AI for marketing
* Google Ads
* Save Time With Trello


* Email Marketing Success
* Facebook Ads
* Instagram Ads
* Keyword Research
* MailChimp Training
* Win With Webinars
* Taking the stress out of social media
* Pricing
* Know Your Target Audience
* Create A Lead Magnet Quiz


* Getting Leads On LinkedIn
* Linked In Profile Optimisation
* Lead Magnet Training
* Create A Year Of Content
* Goal Setting
* Remarketing / Retargeting
* Video Marketing
* YouTube
* Create Marketing Funnels
* Get Your Business on TikTok


Get More Leads From Linked In

The 7 C's of LinkedIn is a 13-video training course that covers what you need to know about how to get leads from LinkedIn. 


Sponsored Facebook Ads

Learn how to master Facebook & Instagram Ads in this 15 video training course that covers everything from setting up a business Facebook page to running a full sponsored Facebook & Instagram ad campaign.



Enjoy this 5 video training to help you get started with blogging about your business. 


Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile 

Follow this video training and workbook to optimise your LinkedIn profile for success.


Influence on Instagram

This 15-video training course will guide you through the essentials of using Instagram to grow your business. 


Email Marketing

This 10 video training will take you through building an email strategy, creating a customer database, building your email list and creating content, as well as email distribution, automation, testing and analysis.


Remarketing & Retargeting

Understand how to use remarketing and retargeting in your business in this 4 video training program with a walk through of how to set up Facebook Retargeting Ads. 


Make Your Website Work Harder

In this 8 video series there's helpful information about how you can make your current website work harder for you to help you get more visibility and bring in more leads. 



So, if you know you need to do more work on your marketing, but maybe: 

  • You're stuck knowing where to start  
  • You're not sure where to put your limited time and energy to get the best results.
  • You're needing your business to grow, but don't know how to make this happen. 
  • You're always reading free marketing articles to inspire you, but the amount of different information is just making you more confused and giving you an even bigger headache!
  • You keep switching your marketing focus, hot-footing from the latest advice about generating leads on LinkedIn to playing with Facebook Ads, then switching to another marketing option - all the time knowing that this 'throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks' approach isn't helping you get the results you need.
  • You use marketing professionals but you don't always fully understand their suggestions so would like to increase your own marketing knowledge.
  • You know you need help, but not sure where to turn? 

Then you’re in the right place! 


If you’ve got a great business, you just need more people to know about it, then you just need to get some marketing momentum….

Amazing guest experts

As well as all the amazing trainings in the marketing academy, we invite a range of speakers who are experts in their field, such as Helen Pritchard, Jill Chitty and Liz Melville about subjects such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Video Marketing, Branding, Landing Pages, Productivity, Journaling, Referral Marketing, Instagram Reels, Video Confidence, Twitter, Websites, Canva, Blogging, Launching A £99 Offer, Automation and much more, as there are new guest speakers invited every single month! 

Some of the amazing guest experts include: 

  • Nuts & Bolts of Blogging - Gayle Edwards
  • How to Reach More People & Sell Out Your Offers Using Facebook Ads - Liz Melville
  • Your £99 thing! - Helen Pritchard
  • Get Canva Confident - Clare McCabe
  • Instagram Made Easy – Increase Your Visibility -Laura Bland
  • The Advantages of Automation - Yvonne Hemmings
  • Breakthrough to Creating Consistent Leads on LinkedIn - Jill Chitty
  • Helping Clients Make the Best Choices…To Use You! - Ian Genius
  • What Website Platform To Choose? -  Louise Sims
  • MailChimp Landing Pages Masterclass - Hayley Hudson
  • Why You Should Be Using Twitter For Your Business - Claire Saxton
  • How To Become Confident On Camera - Simon Banks
  • Get REEL Confident With Instagram Reels - Anita Popat
  • Referral Marketing Masterclass - Phil Gibbs
  • Journaling For Business - Claire Baker
  • Numerology For Business - Samantha Sutherland
  • Growing A Thriving Business in 2022 - Laura Forsyth
  • Getting Visible With SEO - Andrea Rainsford
  • Consistency in Marketing & Branding - Celia Heley
  • Pricing For Business - Sally Farrant
  • Attracting Your Ideal Client on Social Media - Kam Chauhan
  • The Power of Instagram Grids - Colette Stevenson
  • Creating A Digital Mindset  - Rosie Diver
  • All About Dubsado  - Michelle Gillson
  • Colour in Design & Branding  - Marie-Louise O'Neill
  • Learn To Love LinkedIn  Sarah Clay
  • The Secret Ingredient of Success, Purpose! - James Bolle
  • Grow Your Business Using YouTube - Jo Dyer
  • Using Facebook Groups to grow your business  - Emma Whalley
  • Pinterest 101 - Clare Drake
  • Planning Your Best Business Year  - Jane Pallister
  • Marketing Your Business With Pinterest & Pinterest Ads  - Sarah German
  • How Writing A Book Can Help You Grow Your Business  - Shelley Wilson
  • Google Ads, Should You?  - Kenneth MacKay
  • Build Your Own CRM Using AirTable  - Orla Nicholls
  • Getting Focussed with NLP - Debs Bamford
  • Up Your Game With Gamification  - Kimba
  • 10X Your Lead Gen With Chatbots  - Alex Rosborough
  • How To Use Awards To Win More Business - Sharon Louca
  • Using Stories To Sell Your Business Susan Payton
  • Tips From The World of Web  - Jason Nesbitt
  • How To Network Like An Actual Human - Lauren Hughes
  • The Stories of Selling  - Jules White
  • Copywriting Masterclass - Chantelle Davison
  • Build Your Business With Books - Beckie Sanderson
  • Manifest It...All! - Elena Swan
  • Does Your Website Make You Money? - Brian Lynggaard
  • How To Create Great Video Content On Your Phone - Tosin Ajayi
  • LinkedIn Ads  - Ryan Birch
  • Define Your Sales Identity - David Poole
  • Writing engaging website copy to attract your ideal clients - Sarah Davis
  • Get Leads From LinkedIn - Helen Pritchard
  • Save Time With Trello - Louise Purvis

So grateful and honoured to have these people share their knowledge and expertise with us in the marketing training academy - and there will be plenty more guest speakers joining us each month, so watch this space! 

Stop being stuck where to start!

Just access the information in The Marketing Momentum Training Academy to start moving your business in the right direction.

Learn what to do, and how to do it.

Dedicate regular time to work on marketing your business.

Stay motivated, and be accountable.

The Marketing Momentum Training Academy has been designed BY a busy small business owner, for other busy small business owners. I know how hard it is to fit marketing your business in - but I also know how important it is, which is why I'm here to help you get it done! 

Just imagine for a moment  


How would it feel if you could STOP:  

  • Wasting money and effort on activities that give poor results.  
  • Generating content that gets no engagement.
  • Committing hours to social media for no obvious gain.  
  • Investing time into non-productive activities.
  • Feeling overwhelmed!  

If you had a step by step process, to help you move your business in the right direction, with a guide, by your side, to help you stay on track with marketing your business.   

Well, imagine no longer.  Let me talk to you about how you can get some Marketing Momentum!

Introducing the

A simple way for busy small business owners to learn more about marketing in logical, easy-to-manage chunks.

  • Get really clear on where you want your business to be and what you want to achieve this year!
  • Understand what marketing activities you need to put in place to achieve that.
  • Decide on the type of customers you really want for your business.
  • Learn what marketing techniques will work best to attract customers.  
  • Attend the co-working sessions to help you put your knowledge into practice. 
  • Be part of a community of ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs. 
  • Get your business out there! Stop being a best kept secret!
  • Create engagement, build relationships and show prospects how you can help.
  • Build an effective sales funnel, to create a pipeline of prospects to turn into a crowd of customers.
  • Understand how marketing can help you increase revenue from your existing clients, as well as attract new customers.
  • Get marketing momentum!

Want to know what is in the online training academy, take a sneaky peek!


If you were to buy each individual training element in the training academy, you’d be paying thousands of pounds in courses and fees. 


But, by joining the membership now, you’ll only be paying £47 a month, or £470 a year if you pay for the year in advance (saving £94, so it’s like you get 2 months free!).

Remember, the price you join at is the price you continue to pay while ever you remain a member, so whatever price you join at, you'll only ever pay that, even when the price increases.  

Join Today!

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Still on the fence?

Read some of the feedback we get from members:

Thank you for your video's and sharing your knowledge - you have really helped give my business a new look.
Really opened my inner thoughts of where my business is to date. I would encourage any business owner to give it a go
Informative, inspiring,
beneficial, educational
& enjoyable

"Like many business owners I lost quite a few big clients due to the Covid pandemic. Fast forward to the end of last year and I will be completely honest, it made me consider calling it a day.  Cue Colette and her Marketing Momentum Training Academy.

The academy allows me to do many things that help me learn how to market my business and learn how to get better at the areas I struggle with as a business owner. What I love are the tools that are there for me to learn with videos, guest speakers and activities that I can work through in my own time, the members only Facebook group and co-working sessions. Honestly there is so much value in becoming a member I could go on and on. 

It's helping me put things in place with my marketing and I'm excited by the confidence and the training academy gives me. It's helped so much already and I'm already seeing the payoff. 

Thank you Colette, for just being fantastic, always answering my questions and giving helpful advice, and offering this training academy at such an affordable price to businesses like myself.

Without a doubt the best thing I have done in 2022 for my business so far and I cannot recommend Colette's academy enough!  I cannot wait to see what's coming next...."





"Colette runs a fantastic membership group, that is designed for people just like me. 

We have a small business we want to grow but are quite often spinning plates, short of time, scared of experimenting and confused by the plethora of marketing tactics available to us. 

Colette cuts through the noise of marketing and helps us develop both strategy and content that we can implement. 

She has clarified much of the mysteries of different marketing strands, such as Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Blogging and Google MyBusiness. 

With her tutorials, videos and guest speakers, there is a lively array of material to use and dip back into as our business requires.  I have found the ‘Road Map’ and ‘Library’ particularly useful.  I can go back to them in my time and always pop a question over to Colette if I am unsure. Virtual hand holding par excellence. 

Colette has given me confidence and it works.  I have gathered more customers and my profile has been raised.  I cannot recommend this membership group enough. "



"My name’s Jono and I joined the Marketing Momentum Membership group and it has been a very good decision.

Each week there is a host of marketing tips, guidance, online meetings (both informal and more formal), videos, expert training sessions and much more! I think what I enjoy most is that you get to learn lots about marketing – but with the added benefit that it’s also good fun!

I’m a big believer that if something is enjoyable, and brings you a bit of happiness, then you are much more likely to remember it and put it in to practice than if you just learn it by rote, parrot-fashion, but with no sense of joy in your heart.

Colette is very engaging, supportive, friendly, does not take herself too seriously and, whether in person, or on screen, is always ready to have a bit of a giggle and, as I’m a positive and (generally!) happy person myself, that sort of training and approach is right up my street.

There are several benefits to the membership in my opinion.

Firstly you are not under any pressure – you don’t have to attend all of the workshops, you don’t have to take part in every questionnaire or meeting, you feel welcomed if you do attend but you don’t feel like you have let Colette, or any other member of the group, if you don’t attend due to other commitments.

There is no ‘homework’ to do so you literally take out of it what you want, and choose when you want to do it. All of the relevant marketing posts and videos produced by Colette are placed in the Membership’s exclusive membership portal, so you can access them on a day, and time, to suit your schedule, or you can watch a section of the workshop and then return later to complete it – it’s all very flexible.

Another benefit is that you get access to some fantastic marketing tips from industry-leading experts. These are amazing sessions, on Zoom, where you have an opportunity to ask these experts questions at the end about ideas for your business, or general questions. If you wanted to have a personal session, per hour, with these kind of experts it would be very costly – but you can access them within the small monthly cost of the membership, so is an absolute bargain.

As a sole trader, working from home, and with 40 years of experience of working in a office-based environment I also really appreciate being part of a community. It is nice to see people, some of whom I know and some whom I’ve never met, and learn more about their businesses and interests. It’s good to be able to hear how other people approach their marketing and branding, and it is also very satisfying when other people in the group listen to my experiences and ideas and thank me for my input. If we all help and support each other then all of the group will benefit – that’s team work!

The informal ‘Coffee and Catch-up’ Zoom sessions are great, you can discuss anything, ask Colette questions, suggest ideas for further training or just have a chat about where you’re going at the weekend – it’s a lovely way to meet new members to the group as well, and definitely removes those ‘new kid at school’ moments when you join the group for the first time.

I am very satisfied with the Marketing Momentum membership, as I’m learning new skills, at my pace and without any peer pressure, it’s great value, especially with the opening offer (which Colette then price-freeze guarantees) and I would definitely, and whole-heatedly, recommend taking up the offer and becoming another member of the Marketing Momentum membership team – and if you do, I’ll look forward to ‘meeting’ you on the next Zoom session!"




Lots of useful resources to help you grow your business! Something to help every business owner at every stage of business, and every level of marketing knowledge. Whether you choose to pay monthly or annually, there's plenty included that you can benefit from. If you choose the monthly option, it's just a rolling monthly membership, so there's no tie in, you can just cancel whenever you like.  So, why not give it a try....

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